Internet has become a great resource for people around the world no matter the task that you want to accomplish you would be able to find the appropriate and relevant content online.

Today we are reviewing and discussing the features of a similarly highly useful site for tech savvy individuals who have an interest in apps and their reviews. “Appremo” brings together an interesting concept that enables its users to not only experience newer apps that are introduced into the app markets and over the internet generally but also offers rewards to them for experiencing those apps and telling “Appremo” about what they think about those apps. Sounds good doesn’t it use apps and earn rewards. Below we discuss further features of the site and how you can start earning your rewards on it

How Appremo Works And Why It Exists

The website operates on simple rules. All you need to do is create a free login id that attaches a unique identity to you and tracks all your activity and rewards on the site the website also provides the users to login through their Facebook profile the site would only acquire the personal details such as your name, and contact details to automatically create a profile for you on Appremo no other personal data is collected or shared publicly which makes the site a safe and secure platform to earn money.

After you have created a login id all you need to do is select the app that you want to review, Appremo lets its users download the apps that are available for review without any cost or charges so that they can experience and interact with the app and then write a review about it. The reviews are then uploaded to the site by the users and can earn rewards in form of talk time or other bonuses available on the site which are clearly specified over the websites.


*.To start with appremo simply go to the website here and register yourself.

*.After enlistment confirm your email location and login.

*.After logging in, enter your “Google Assigned User Name”, search for the applications that get up to speed your interest.

*.Next download the app(s), use it and compose an audit taking into account your involvement with the app.

*.After effective survey, transfer a screenshot on the appremo dashboard to claim the reward, your portable will be revived consequently after your audit gets finished.

Current Offers In The App

As of now this application has 5 applications for users to review:

TrulyMadly =150 coins, Delyver=150 coins, Tim tim=200 coins, Galatta=100 coins, Cashonapps=350 coins.

To win coins go to dashboard click on 'Earn Coins' download the application and compose an audit for it,upload the screen shot of survey by clicking on 'Transfer a screenshot' button, after opening the individual offer.


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