Hello Guys If you own a Facebook page with a good audience(Likes) base, then you can make money out of it by using www.nextsoup.com
They are a platform which enables Facebook page owners and social influencers monetize. THEY enable people having good social presence earn money from their resources.

You Have To Share There Links on your page.THEY have the best and the most viral content on Their platform. All you need to do is share it on your page and They pay you for each click They get from your page

What are the requirements for Your Facebook page to join NextSoup?

Your Facebook page should have a good reach. The page should be a genuine page with real likes and no adult content on it. THEIR team will verify your page from the details you will fill in the register form.

What is the payment method ?

They do NEFT bank transfers (in India only). THEY also support paypal (for all countries outside of India).

They pay weekly on every Tuesday.

Follow Below Steps To Create Account With Nextsoup.com:-


STEP.1First Go Here And Fill This Form

STEP.2After Filling This Form Click on Register

STEP.3Then Wait For Your Page Apporval Email

STEP.4When Your Page Apporvad Then Go To Nextsoup.com And logIN . COpy the Link What They gIVE U AND SHARE IT ON your page

Thats it When Anyone Click On ThIS LINK :-) U HAVE GOT PAID


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