Do you want to make money online? Yes! Everyone wants to make money online. But do you know that among those millions who try to make money online, only a little number of people are able to do so. But don’t worry, I will not let you fail in making money online. If you have read some articles on the web you may find that it’s pretty hard to make money without paying anything.


However, here is a great and easy way about how to Earn Money Online without paying anything. Most successful ways to make money online without any investment are – 1 > making money from the best website and 2> using the Paid link shorting service. I have already written about the first one, you can check it below.

Now in this article I will cover the second method to make money online without any investment, which is Paid link shorting. So, start reading the detailed step by step guide about making money with the Paid Link Shorting Service below.

What is Paid Link Shorting?

Earn money on short linksIf you are an internet person, then you may notice that many companies use a short version of the Web page address on their Social Accounts (Facebook, twitter, etc.). It helps them to get more clicks on it.

That’s called Link Shorting, but big companies actually don’t make any money from these shorten links. However, there are some good websites out there which will pay you for link shorting. They actually pay you whenever your shorten link gets a click. And that is Paid Link Shorting.

A paid Short Link looks like this: http://sh.st/jygZ9

Best website to Earn Money Online without investment – Shorte.st

If you check online about the paid link shorting services you will see tons of websites are available there, but after trying many services I found that Shorte.st is the best website. Shorte.st let you make a good amount of money without any investment or paying anything.

All you do is find a useful link (from the web) and short it with your shore.st account and whenever somebody clicks on that link and view advertisement you will get paid.

Features of Shorte.st :

  • Shorte.st link shortening service basically provide a stylish way of showing ads where the viewer can redirect to the original link within 5 sec.
  • Shorte.st pay you with High CPM rates with global coverage.
  • Rates for 1000 impressions ranges from $0.50 to ­$5
  • Real time reporting (analytics) of Your Earnings

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How to Earn Money using Shorte.st

Monetize links you shareYou can easily earn good amount of money by shorting useful and attractive links. After shorting share those links on your Facebook and other social accounts.

You can also ask your friends to click on the links. Your friends will click on those links and you will earn money. You can check the Payment rates different countries per 1000 views from here. And the minimum checkout payment is $5 by PayPal.

My Conclusion

So why waiting join Shore.st Now from the above link

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