Download the free basic SEO course for beginners. If you are a newbie in online field and don’t really know what Search Engine Optimization is, then you are here at the right place. This free course will teach you some basic SEO skills and make you understand how Google and other search engines like Yahoo, rank websites and how you can fulfill the ranking criteria.

Complete Search Engine Optimization Introduction
As this course is for beginners, so the first part of this course is purely related to SEO introduction. You will learn why SEO is important for a website, how it can help in ranking process, why every website is ranked differently for the same keyword and how search engines rank every website.
Keyword Finding
In this free SEO course, you will learn the use of keywords and why you should target long tail keywords. You will further get to know about the ways to find low competition keywords and rank easily!
Brief Guide About Backlinks
A brief explanation about backlinks is also provided in this course. The instructor will tell you the use of backlinks, how backlinks help in ranking process, and a brief guide to creating authority do follow backlinks.
Hiring People
In this free basic SEO course for beginners, you will learn how to hire people for SEO works and website designing. Learn how much salary you should pay them and how to make sure they do a great job for you.
So download this Free Basic SEO Course For Beginners and get to the first page of Google!

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